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Applied(KG/Hectare) Ideal(KG/Hectare) Fertilizer Kg/ha (50 kg bag)
N Urea
P Super Phosphate
K Muriate of Potash

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Economics of vegetable cultivation in naturally ventilated polyhouse (1000 sq.m area)
Parthenocarpic cucumber
Crop duration August-May August-May Aug.- Oct.
Suitable varieties GS-600, himshikar, Himsona. Etc. Swarna, Indra, Orobelle, Bombi etc. Kian, Isatis, Multistar, Hilton, Aashma, Aviav.
First harvesting of fruits October October 30-35 days after transplanting
Expected yield 15 tonnes 8-9 tonnes 12 tonne
Total cost of crop production 80,000/- 85,000/- 90,000/-
Expected gross income 1,95,000/- 2,25,000/- 2,40,000/-
Av. Selling price Avg. Rate Rs.15/kg Avg. Rate Rs.20-30/kg Avg. Rate Rs.20/kg
Expected net return (Rs.) 1,15,000/- 1,40,000/- 1,50,000/-
Economics of Flowers cultivation in naturally ventilated polyhouse (1000 sq.m area)
Main components
Crop duration 3-4 month 8-9 month 2-3 month
Suitable varieties First Red, Grand Gala etc. Thai Chin Queen, Zembla etc. Cabana, Jaffa etc.
First harvesting of flowers After 60 days , regular supply 45 days after planting After 60 days , regular supply
Expected yield 2,50,000 stems 60,000 stems 2,40,000 stems
Total cost of crop production 2,50,000/- 1,80,000/- 2,85,000/-
Expected gross income 6,00,000/- 4,90,000/- 4,50,000/-
Expected net return (Rs.) 3,50,000/- 3,10,000/- 1,65,000/-

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