Best Practices For 2017-18 Season Get best package and practices for your farm

1 Summer Deep Ploughing Pest Management practice and conserves water
2 Tank Silt application Tank silt application changes the major soil texture, which in turn helps in improve the soil fertility and crop yield
3 Soil Health Analysis Check the nutrient status & recommend applications
4 FYM application Improve soil fertility & helps to increase the yield
5 Vermicompost Improves soil fertility & helps as plant growth hormone
6 Bio fertilizers (Azatobactor, PSB-Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria & Trichoderma) Trichoderma (biofungicide) protects from wilts, damping offs, leaf blights spots etc. and promote healthy growth.
7 Amruthajalam application Improve soil health & soil fertility, helps in improve soil microbial activity
8 Sheep & Cattle penning etc Improve soil health & soil fertility, helps in improve soil microbial activity
9 Pest Scouting Knowing the kind, number & location of insects and their damage within a field and can make sound decisions for its management
10 Inter Crop (Redgram, Greengram , soya) Legumes enrich soil fertility without effect cotton yield
11 Trap Crop (Castor, Marigold) Some cotton pests prefer crops. planting of a trap crop to protect the main cash crop from a certain pest or several pests
12 Border Crop (Maize, Jowar) Control sucking pest incidence and imrove benficial insects
13 Yellow & Blue Sticky Traps Control Jassid &Whitefly
14 Bio Pesticides (Verticillium lecani, Beauveria bassiana) For management of Mealybugs/sucking pests and Lepidoptera pests
15 Pheramone Traps Monitor pest incidence
16 NSKE/Neem Powder Control bollworms at initial stage
17 Bird Perches (predatory) Control boll worm & other insects ( In cotton field, plant Setaria in every 9th or 10th row of cotton. )
18 Neem Oil spray Its an insecticide & miticide to keep away pests like aphids and white flies. It protects crops from fungal infections such as mildew and rust
19 Vitex (wild bush) decoction Control sucking pest
20 Water Use Efficiency (Paired, Alternative Row Techniques & Drip Irrigation) Pest Management practice and conserves water
21 Clean Cotton Non contaminent cotton
22 Close spacing (Density) Improve yields and profits